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Cadet Programs

Director of Cadet Programs: Lt Col Todd Mandel
Cadet Program Staff:
Encampment Commander: Lt Col Josh Risler
Deputy Director of Cadet Programs: Lt Col Josh Risler

Duties of the Cadet Programs Directorate:
The Cadet Programs Directorate provides guidance and assistance to squadrons in implementing the CAP Cadet Program. This includes mentoring Cadet Programs Officers, offering training opportunities for senior members, ensuring units are informed of program changes, and advocating for changes to the program based on input from the field.

The directorate also operates a number of wing-level activities designed to advance the cadet program and keep Wisconsin's cadets engaged and growing. Activities that are operated by Cadet Programs include:

  • Wisconsin Basic School

  • Wisconsin Cadet Academy

  • Wisconsin Cadet Development Course

  • Cadet Programs Academy

  • Aerospace Education Weekend

  • Non-Commissioned Officer School

  • Airman Training School

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