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Inspector General

Inspector General:
Maj Craig Czerwinski
Assistant Inspectors General:
Col Larry Nack
Lt Col Marcia Cunningham
The Purpose of the Civil Air Patrol Inspector General System is, in part, to create an independent and objective system that:
  1. Resolves problems affecting the Civil Air Patrol mission promptly and objectively.
  2. Creates an atmosphere of trust in which issues can be objectively and fully resolved without retaliation or the fear of reprisal.

  3. Ensures the existence of responsive, compliant and inspection programs characterized by objectivity, integrity, and impartiality.

  4. Ensures the concerns of Civil Air Patrol members and the best interests of the Civil Air Patrol are addressed through objective fact-finding.

  5. Educates Civil air Patrol members and commanders regarding the privileges of and protection for those contacting an inspector general.

  6. Ensures Inspectors General, Inspector General staff members, and investigating officers are trained to conduct thorough, unbiased investigations and inspections based on fair and objective fact-finding.

Complaint Resolution Information

Complaint Resolution (CR) in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is intended to create an environment where complaints, grievances, and misunderstandings can be resolved.  The CR is a last resort management tool.  Every effort should be made to satisfy complaints and grievances at the supervisory or command level where they occur.  While the opportunity always exists to elevate issues to the Inspector General (IG) and even to Congressional levels, CAP personnel should be aware that allegations are investigated at the level where they occurred.  The same person who could or should have originally answered the complaint is usually tasked to do so from a higher level.

The Inspector General Corps is typically involved in complaints stemming from cases of fraud, waste, or abuse. Some complaints are referred to other channels when they are received. These include:

  • Matters addressed through other established grievance or appeal channels; 
  • Allegations of discrimination or violations of the Civil Air Patrol Nondiscrimination Policy;
  • Logistics "Reports of Survey;"
  • Situations leading to suspension of CAP flying privileges;
  • Complaints against some CAP employees;
  • Complaints regarding criminal actions/activity;
  • Safety complaints;
  • Complaints regarding perceived ethical violations;

More information about the complaint resolution process in CAP can be found using the links below. You may choose to file a complaint anonymously using the online CAPF 20.

Complaint Resolution Links
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