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Cadet Development Weekend (Non-Commissioned Officer School & Airman Training School)

The Cadet Development Weekend provides a high quality opportunity for Phase 1 and 2 cadets to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in their CAP Cadet careers. The Weekend is comprised of two schools: the Non-Commissioned Officer School and the Airman Training School.

Dates: 10-12 November 2023

Location: Volk Field ANGB

Cost: $55 for cadets

Register at: CLOSED

Airman Training School
This school is for Phase 1 cadets (Cadet Airman Basic through Cadet Senior Airman). It provides training in the fundamentals in cadet life including uniform wear, drill, customs and courtesies, how to progress, and information about the opportunities in the Cadet Program - including how to earn flight scholarships and coveted WINGS grants. This training will take what you've learned at your home squadron and elevate it to the next level. Each ATS flight will be led by experienced Phase 2 and 3 cadets. This school will be organized similar to encampment though not as regimented as the encampment environment.

Non-Commissioned Officer School
This school is for Phase 2 and early Phase 3 cadets who wish to develop their skills to prepare for service as cadet officers. Students will learn and practice commanding a flight, learning advanced drill, public speaking, academic instruction, and what it takes to be a mid-level leader. This school is Wisconsin Wing's primary development tool for helping cadets prepare to be successful Cadet Non-Commissioned Officers.


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