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Ground Team Academy

Wisconsin Wing Civil Air Patrol Ground Team Academy

Registration is now open for Ground Team Academy.

Please note: if there are any other activities open to register for, you may only register for ONE activity at a time. Do NOT try to complete registration for 2 or more activities at the same time.

Each activity must be registered for individually.

The Academy is open to both senior members and cadets. Members from other wings are welcome. Personnel who need to renew ES ratings may attend as well. All participants MUST have a current General ES rating or higher, and additional qualifications will vary based on school selected. Only one ES specialty may be selected. Participation is limited to a “first come, first serve” basis. We are also looking for STAFF members.

Any questions please contact the project officer, Capt Michael Krein

 Our plan is to offer the following schools: (all schools may not be available)

1.                  Ground Team Basic

2.                  Ground Team Advanced

3.                  Ground Team Leader

4.                  UDF Team

Final school(s) being offered will be based on applications received, and we will need to meet a minimum of students to hold each school.

You must meet the prerequisites for each school, as they will be verified. I will contact you if there are any issues.

Cost for GTA registration this year is $65.00 per student. This includes meals and any course materials needed.

Meals provided are: Saturday breakfast, Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner, Sunday breakfast and Sunday lunch. Participants will be responsible for their meal Friday night.

Schedules are being worked on and will be finalized prior to the activity. You will be OUTDOORS for a good portion of your training. You will need the appropriate clothing and equipment to participate.

This is a great opportunity to advance to the next level of training or receive your initial rating (prerequisites must be met).

Eligibility Rules

Participants may only train in one ES specialty and MUST have the following by the registration deadline:

• General ES rating or higher

• Introductory Communications User Training (online & practical testing) completed

• Prerequisites completed for the ES Specialty rating selected.

Academy staff will advise what you are missing after you register and recommend a course of action. Personnel renewing ratings will be used as “mentors” for other trainees during the practical exercises.




$65.00 / Member

Student Information

Students are STRONGLY encouraged to bring a WIFI capable laptop or tablet. Otherwise, bring a blank thumb drive. Most training materials will be distributed electronically before the event. Completion of IS-100 & 200 online ICS courses is also strongly recommended, but not required. You will need your appropriate field gear to participate... Each school has different requirements for the type / amount of gear that you need to have and will be inspected. You will receive a list of gear required.

Unit Responsibilities 

Unit commanders need to review and sign-off Prerequisite approval in Ops Qual for their members. Units are also responsible for providing/arranging for chaperones at the activity for your cadets.

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